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We have seen first-hand the tremendous growth of Christ’s Church across Latin America. We have also become increasingly aware of rampant violence, injustice, poverty, corruption, family breakdown, ecological degradation, and hopelessness. We believe, however, that there is Good News for Latin America in the midst of it all. We are convinced that God has not abandoned the beautiful lands God created or the wonderfully diverse people that inhabit them. God yearns to work through the Church's witness far beyond the walls of its' buildings: in personal lives and communities, homes and streets, markets and businesses, universities and rural villages, rivers and mountaintops.


Our ministry in Costa Rica focuses on two ministries: the Institute for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education and on-going support of Seeds of New Creation (El Salvador). Both are ways of walking with the Latin American church as it digs roots and God gives fruit.

Ministry in Costa Rica

Institute for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education 
We serve as catalysts for the creation and consolidation of a learning community of students, professors, administrators, institutions, and alumni in Latin America that contextualize a Kingdom worldview in higher education and in their professions, intentionally connecting with their local churches for societal transformation. Building on existing programs and projects and in partnership with the International Association for the Promotion of Christian High Education (IAPCHE), the Evangelical University of the Americas (UNELA), the Latin American Theological Fellowship and others, the Institute aims to bring Christian faculty together for mutual support and development, to foster the publication of books by Latin American authors, to strengthen Christian universities, to encourage people to rethink curriculum so that educational practice contributes to transformation, and to facilitate South-North exchange and learning.

Seeds of New Creation (El Salvador)
We continue accompanying the Seeds of New Creation team in leadership training and networking for transformation. As the team continues its valuable ministry with pastors, leaders, youth ministers, churches and communities, and focuses on reconciliation processes, it is ever open to partnering with the CRCNA.

Cohort of Central America
Our prayer is that we can create an environment at Casa Adobe, our home, that emphasizes solid fellowship and that our family, friends, and guests can grow together in our faith in our Creator. We also hope that we can connect our ministry with others throughout Central America, uniting with each other as we live and love in different communities. We are seeking more young people to join us, experience community fellowship and development in Central America, and be a part of a cohort of ministry-minded Christians. By building up young people, we are creating future leaders who are aware of diversity and adversity in an ever-changing global climate. By working together, we are creating a vision of God’s Kingdom here on earth, where friendships exist across distances, where justice becomes a visual practice, and where love is shared with friends and strangers alike.


You can help support the ministries the Padilla-DeBorsts are engaged in.  Click on Canada or USA to find out more or to donate.

Institute for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (Costa Rica) - Canada / USA

Seeds of a New Creation (El Salvador) - Canada / USA

Thank You

We are grateful for your partnership in prayer, fellowship, service, and financial support as we continue adjusting to this new ministry phase, another country, version of Spanish, local church, neighborhood and school. Thank you.

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